Terms of Use

I agree that I will not allow others access to my account, allow others to complete assignments under my account, or provide answers to others taking this course.

I agree that if discovered that this course material has been shared in part or in whole with other students, Get Safe reserves the right to revoke credit without refund, revoke any previous credit without refund, and bar student from receiving future credit.

I agree to remain online throughout the entirety of course completion with the course window displayed prominently on the screen. This includes watching videos while they play.

I agree to speak respectfully to all students throughout the course and to provide thoughtful and appropriate answers throughout the course. 

I agree that if responses are regularly irrelevant or do not fully respond to the prompt, that Get Safe reserves the right to not provide credit for course completion without refund.

I agree that I, or my employer, will be responsible for full payment of course tuition once 10% or more of the course has been viewed or completed. Responsibility for payment is not dependent on course completion. If an invoice is not paid by the due date listed on the invoice, credit will be withheld or revoked.

I agree that I will not miss greater than 10% of total course content - whether during the self-paced portion or the Zoom portion. Per POST regulation and Get Safe policy, credit may not be granted.

Missing credit may be made up at a later point, at Get Safe's discretion. Incomplete coursework is not guaranteed an opportunity to complete remaining content and/or joining a Zoom session at a later date.